One Company, One Business

In the current Group structure, after the M&A transactions completed during 2021, Innovatec is able to offer customers fully Clean Tech services, presenting itself as a single company, with a portfolio that integrates Energy Efficiency services with the entire Environmental Services cycle, starting from the recovery of industrial waste to its recycling.

In the new One Company organization, Innovatec can count on greater resilience, resulting from the diversification of the areas from which Revenues are derived, and on a strengthened leadership position in sustainability.

The integration with Clean Tech has in fact further enriched Innovatec’s know-how and skills in the circular economy, with the aim of exploring new market opportunities.

This new approach to the market will allow Innovatec to increase its revenues in the future, also through cross- selling of services and projects dedicated to the development and

creation of innovative solutions, in the wake of the new sustainability objectives towards which the world economic system is tending and in full adherence with Innovatec’s own long-term industrial vision.

The driver of growth is investment, in a scenario where economic policies support circularity and decarbonization initiatives.

Innovatec’s investments will be able to grow significantly and for a long time, thanks to a very supportive scenario. Innovatec operates in a business that is now at the centre of attention of policy makers, with Europe’s Net Zero strategy estimated to support at least Euro 1 trillion of investment in sustainability over the next 10 years, through the resources of the Green New Deal.

At the Italian level, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan has already allocated substantial resources, amounting to approximately Euro 44 billion, in three areas in which Innovatec operates: sustainable agriculture and circular economy, energy transition and sustainable mobility, as well as energy efficiency and building renovation.

A growth strategy that leverages a solid financial position and strong cash generation

Already in the first half of 2021 – the first period whose results reflect the Group’s new structure – Innovatec reported ample operating cash flow generation (Euro 12.8 million, compared with Euro 3.2 million in the first half of 2020).

This, combined with a net financial position that was positive at the end of June 2021 by Euro 16.1 million and available liquidity of Euro 22.7 million, indicates that Innovatec can rely on a solid and clear resource base to fund growth in future years.