Innovatec's CSR

The climate crisis and environmental protection have shown the urgency of an evolution of the regulatory framework, both at national and international level, requiring companies to develop new lines of integration between economic production and the reduction of its environmental impact.

Innovatec is the interpreter of a full and complete implementation of the concept of sustainability, in accordance with its approach defined as “environmentality”, an ambitious and extremely concrete business concept, an integral part of the spirit of our Group, whose key points are:
Use of innovation and research in a way that is strictly applied to business;
Becoming an interceptor of winning ideas in the long term and aggregator of other local realities;
Ability to generate value through the delivery of services and infrastructures in favour of environmental sustainability and in full compliance with the rules.

Thanks to a process of defining the strategic sustainability plan and its integration in the business plan, we have set ourselves measurable objectives consistent with the SDGS of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. For us, sustainability is the guideline for a process aimed at continuous improvement, as it guarantees results over time, strengthens economic performance and reputation, and creates value for both our shareholders and stakeholders. Our corporate management model is based on Corporate Social Responsibility, which means that the daily choices we make in our business are guided by a particular attention to the impact that our actions have on all stakeholders.

We are absolutely convinced that it is only possible to create sustainable and lasting value if the management of the company follows three solid guidelines at the same time:


supported by a sound and transparent

corporate governance.

Innovatec is the key player that drives the industry to operate and innovate with a view to conscious and responsible sustainability. Care for environmental issues and to the national and international scenario allow us to anticipate the development of new trends, enabling us to guide the market towards a new model of sustainable development. Our goal is to

help communities become carbon
neutral by providing practical and timely solutions
to environmental problems.

To give substance to this vision requires the ability to have wide-ranging objectives.

We have set out our mission and values in our code of ethics. This document, revised in the light of the strategic sustainability plan, encapsulates the fundamental behaviours and corporate policies, becoming a point of reference for all the people who work in the Group, as well as for stakeholders.


Establishing a relationship of

continuous dialogue and active
involvement of stakeholders

is of fundamental importance in our business vision.

The strategic involvement of our stakeholders, guided by CSR and the SDGS of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, represents an opportunity for discussion and networking with the communities affected by our business activities, aimed at monitoring the expectations, needs and opinions of our stakeholders.

Innovatec establishes a relationship of dialogue with institutions and local communities that allows for a constant debate, based on transparency and the creation of shared value, ensuring a continuous flow of information in relation to the services of reference. In fact, once the guidelines of a project have been defined, it is important to start a phase of listening to the needs of the territory, activating a series of meetings with the various stakeholders. These meetings are preparatory to the execution of the projects themselves, so as to be able to receive any requests coming from the stakeholders and, at the same time, represent the first moment of active involvement of the subjects who are involved and/or interested in them for various reasons, with the search for pro-activity on the part of the chosen interlocutors.

Our sustainability


• Creation of an integrated commercial strategy on all areas of clean tech


• Maximisation and efficiency of existing assets – tangible and intangible – with a view to increasing ESG performance

• Portfolio expansion and optimisation


• Organisational integration of structure and processes



• Strengthening cross-functional and inter-company communication

• Enhancement of growth plans and skills development

• Development of digital culture in the field of knowledge and skills


• Implementation of a research and development function and related processes

• Development of innovation projects (in processes and technologies) both for external and internal lines

• Digitalisation of internal processes and expansion of digital service offerings to the marketplace



Performance measurement is one of the key points of a path of real integration of sustainability in the business. In fact, it is only thanks to the continuous monitoring of ESG projects that it is possible to have constant control over the management of non-financial risks and the development of the performance defined in our strategic vision.

At Innovatec, we have implemented a structured system of constant monitoring of initiatives and KPIs consistent with our plan. All of this information is incorporated into the annual Sustainability Report in a manner that is organic and methodologically consistent with GRI standards.

This document is shared periodically with our stakeholders in order to undertake a process of engagement and continuous improvement of the same.

To download our sustainability report click here.