Here at Innovatec Group,
we have developed the concept
of Environmentality:

the ability to connect integrated environmental services and energy efficiency to offer companies plant and design solutions that are promoters of an economic development able to enhance production waste, reduce environmental impact and increase the amount of recovered materials in line with Circular Economy principles.

We propose flexible and integrated solutions to offer companies a complete management of special waste with a view to economic savings and greater responsibility towards the environment, following them in three phases:



We collect industrial waste materials directly at customer sites and assist in organising storage areas to make the most of separate collection and ensure the highest possible recovery.



We organise the service in such a way as to optimise the route, reducing CO2 emissions and keeping costs down. Our fleet of vehicles is suitable for all types of collection.



We recover and exploit waste for reuse in the form of biogas, CSS and other secondary raw materials. Our investee company’s network of plants also receives, sorts and processes materials that have already been sorted at the customer’s premises

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