Why invest in Innovatec?

Innovatec is uniquely positioned in the CleanTech sector to deliver rapid and consistent growth in the coming years.

Innovatec operates throughout the business of circularity and sustainability, offering solutions that respond in a personalized and complete way to the needs of its customers. With a proposal that integrates energy efficiency and environmental services, Innovatec provides concrete support to other companies in improving their circularity and reducing their carbon footprint.

Already today, the Group can count on a loyal base of over 1,800 customers, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors. This provides a valuable cross-selling opportunity.


Innovatec can leverage a wealth of tangible and intangible assets that it has built up and consolidated over time.

The landfills owned, located in the north of the country, are an unrepeatable resource, ensuring sustained cash generation and high margins, also thanks to a high technological profile. On the other hand, the energy efficiency business offers attractive opportunities for operators, such as Innovatec, who are able to have a wide sales network in the area and to manage innovative and complex projects. Innovatec also has an impact through the practical help it provides to other companies in assessing and improving the circularity of their products and processes.

The regulatory framework, which plays a significant role in determining revenues and margins for the entire sector, will continue to favour sustainable development for a long time to come. Innovatec is ready to seize the new opportunities that may emerge in this area, as it has always demonstrated in the past, with readiness and ability to organize means and resources.


The Company can also rely on solid governance and a management team with extensive experience in the sector. Lastly, the unity of vision and commitment of the leadership team guarantee continuity and consistency in the Group’s growth path.