With the aim of continuing our process of integrating innovative services for CleanTech, we have chosen to invest

in Circularity, an innovative
start-up and benefit company


Thanks to Circularity’s team of environmental and materials engineers, we are able to support companies in the redesign of their products and processes from a circular perspective by studying their life cycle and implementing all the necessary actions to reduce their impact. For each type of material discarded by companies, in collaboration with Green Up, we study the best recovery solution to give life to new products to be reintroduced into the production cycle.



Based on ISO14040 standard, the Life Cycle Assessment enables a comprehensive study of a product’s environmental impact.

From the extraction of raw materials to the product manufacturing stage, transport and distribution, use and possible reuse of the product, collection, recovery and disposal of the associated waste.

Thanks to LCA we are able to improve existing products by redesigning them with a view to reducing their environmental impact.

Ecodesign is therefore the new frontier of design: in the future it will be impossible to design without taking into account the complete life cycle of products.



With the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the company, it is possible to implement a series of actions to reduce CO2 emissions. This can be done by making processes more efficient in terms of energy, material and water use.

Thanks to an accurate analysis made by a team of specialised and multidisciplinary engineers and to measurement systems (link to SMET in the Environmental Protection section) we are able to accompany the company to make an assessment of the impact of its processes and to evaluate a series of corrective actions aimed at reducing it, also bringing, as much as possible, an economic saving. These actions must be measured and kept under control thanks to IOT systems such as SMET (link to SMET) that provide constant reporting to the management team



In our vision, the concept of waste is replaced by that of material that can be reused in a new production cycle.

We accompany companies in an incremental transaction process towards the circular economy divided into five phases.



We start with an analysis of the current waste management in the company thanks to quantitative (tons), qualitative (EER) and economic (cost euro/ton) data



We define possible actions to achieve a circular management of materials



We find innovative solutions to reuse and recycle waste



We look at actions to reduce the cost of waste treatment



We assess the potential exploitation of secondary raw materials (EoW) and by-products in the company’s production cycle with a view to process redesign.

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