An ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is critically important in our entrepreneurial vision.

The strategic engagement of our stakeholders, guided by the principles of CSR and the SDGs set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, is an opportunity for discussion aimed at monitoring our stakeholders’ expectations, needs and opinions.

Active listening is a key asset in our stakeholder engagement policy.

The Sustainability Report outlines the main projects that embody our approach to stakeholder engagement.

The Group’s main value is undoubtedly Human Capital and the Company Strategy is based on engagement and dialogue with employees. 

In addition to the HR Department’s constant work to listen to their needs, annual meetings are organised with the individual departments to assess the growth of individual employees, to define individual goals and to discuss performance evaluation. 

Additionally, regular meetings involving the entire company workforce are scheduled in order to share the company’s achievements and main strategic policies.  

Training is a key asset in the personnel development process. The training programme spans the entire organisation, integrating sector-specific topics with ‘soft topics’, including specific courses on key ESG issues. There are also training sessions on sustainability for the Board of Directors.

The development of the new version of the company’s intranet has created a tool for two-way, proactive dialogue with all Group employees.

Transparent and continuous dialogue with shareholders is an integral part of our Investor Relations policy. Innovatec has a dedicated organisational department to cultivate investor relations on a daily basis.  The guidelines are outlined in the stakeholder policy.  The principles of transparency, honesty and confidentiality. When exchanging information on ESG KPIs with investors, the sustainability management and ESG advisor supports the investor relator when necessary to ensure that the monitoring of sustainability performance and related project implementation are an integral part of reporting and dialogue with investors.

Engaging with our Supply Chain is a major project that we have been investing in for some time. This project is constantly evolving: in addition to periodically reviewing the ESG KPIs included in the supplier qualification, we are aiming to actively involve the supply chain through training and listening sessions. We are implementing a structured assessment on a digital platform that will allow us to monitor the improvement of certain supplier clusters’ ESG performance over time. There is also an integrated audit plan with several corporate functions (Internal Audit, QAS, Sustainability).

The business of many of our subsidiaries has a strong impact on local communities. All Group companies therefore play an active role in establishing a dialogue with institutions and citizens’ representatives that permits an ongoing exchange based on transparency and the creation of shared value, ensuring a continuous flow of information in relation to the services provided by individual companies. Once the guidelines of a project in the area have been defined, we believe it is important to start listening to local needs, setting up a series of meetings with the various stakeholders. These meetings take place prior to the implementation of the projects in the area so as to accommodate any requests from stakeholders. They are also the first occasion to actively involve parties who are involved and/or interested in them for various reasons.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our sustainability performance, please write to the following email:

Each constructive comment from any stakeholder is very valuable in our continuous pursuit of growth.