Innovatec’s DNA:

our enviromentality approach

At Innovatec, we want to play our part in implementing the concept of sustainability in line with an approach that we call “enviromentality”: an ambitious, extremely practical business model that is an integral part of the Group’s ethos, based on the following cornerstones:

  • Use innovation and research to develop services and products to mitigate environmental impact;
  • Embrace ideas and projects that create long-term economic, social and environmental value, while also bringing together other worthy businesses in the area;

Noi di Innovatec vogliamo renderci interpreti dell’attuazione del concetto di sostenibilità, in conformità con un approccio che definiamo “enviromentality”: un modello di impresa ambizioso ed estremamente concreto, parte integrante dello spirito del Gruppo, i cui punti cardine sono:

  • Usare l’innovazione e la ricerca per sviluppare servizi e prodotti volti alla mitigazione dell’impatto ambientale;
  • Diventare intercettore di idee e progetti che consentano di creare valore economico, sociale e ambientale nel lungo periodo , nonché aggregatore di altre realtà di virtuose sul territorio;

Innovatec is a key player that is driving the industry to operate and innovate with a conscious and responsible approach to sustainability. Our focus on environmental issues and the national and international context enables us to anticipate the development of new trends, allowing us to steer the market towards a new model of sustainable development.


Our goal is

to help communities become
carbon neutral by providing
practical and timely solutions
to environmental problems.

Turning this vision into reality requires an ability to have far-reaching goals, which is why we have worked extensively to supplement ours Industrial Plan with a detailed Strategic Sustainability Plan