All the management was involved in defining the Strategic Sustainability Plan and integrating it into the Industrial Plan, which permitted us to set measurable goals consistent with the SDGS of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

The pillars are:


  • Service and supply chain development: SDGS 7,2,9,11,12
  • Corporate culture: SDGS 4,5,8,10,12
  • Innovation and digitalisation: SDGS 7,8,9,12,13.15
  • Circular economy and energy efficiency: SDGS 12,13,15

The strategic plan led to an operational Action Plan integrated with the company’s Business Plan. Our approach is to measure with a view to continuous improvement: the plan is monitored by the sustainability team. Each process owner is required to periodically fill out special data collection forms in order to monitor the development of the Plan in relation to the reporting of the respective KPIs.