One of the best solutions available
to exploit the existing heat underground

Geothermal energy represents one of the best solutions to exploit the existing heat in the subsoil for air conditioning and, in general, for the production of hot and cold carriers for the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

The solutions (geothermal probe and groundwater) provide high production efficiency and consequently great savings on operating costs, less dispersion of pollutants into the atmosphere and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


Why choose Innovatec systems?

We accompany our customers with a turnkey service in the design, supply, implementation and subsequent maintenance of geothermal heat pump systems, proposing a multi-brand offer. Our plants allow access to various incentive solutions that affect the technology, such as TEE and Conto Termico.


We work with all the main manufacturers and, depending on the customer’s specific energy needs, we identify the most efficient solution.


Assessing the economic viability and technical feasibility of a geothermal plant means taking into consideration a number of complex variables. That’s why it is essential to rely on specialised professionals, able to navigate the technical, regulatory and tariff issues. Thanks to our partnership with Exalto, R&D company in the field of energy efficiency, we also support our customers in researching, obtaining and managing Italian and European incentives, such as TEE (Energy Efficiency Certificates), Bonus Investimenti Sud, Industry 4.0, regional and national non-refundable financing, etc.

The plants are built by offering three financing options including direct purchase, lease payment or ESCo mode, where Innovatec Power goes ahead with the investment for the customer and sells the energy at a lower than market price.



Residential • Tertiary • Hospital • Industrial

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What is

Geothermal refers to the technology that exploits the heat present in the subsoil for the production of thermal/cooling energy for the benefit of users. The technology based on geothermal energy exploits the heat of the subsoil either through geothermal probes that exchange sensible heat with the subsoil at a more or less constant temperature or through the exploitation of groundwater through appropriate intake and output wells for direct exploitation.

The added value of the technology lies in the possibility of recovering the heat from the subsoil, exploiting it with a heat pump with high efficiencies that remain sufficiently constant throughout the thermal year thanks to the consistency of the temperature of the geothermal source.