The new watchword:
recover and optimise

the high cost of energy sources and the need to reduce CO2 emissions have made it increasingly important to maximise the efficiency of production processes.

Thanks to thermal recovery systems, the heat from industrial processes is transformed into thermal and/or electrical energy that can be reused by the company in industrial production processes with considerable economic savings.


Why choose
Innovatec systems?

We accompany our customers in the design, supply, implementation and maintenance of energy recovery systems thanks to the wide range of heat exchangers that can be configured according to the customer’s specific plant requirements.

Assessing the economic viability and technical feasibility of a biomass system means taking into consideration a number of complex variables. That’s why it is essential to rely on specialised professionals, able to navigate the technical, regulatory and tariff issues. Thanks to the partnership with Exalto, R&D company in the field of energy efficiency, we also support our customers in researching, obtaining and managing Italian and European incentives and economic mechanisms such as TEE (Energy Efficiency Certificates).

The plants are built by offering three financing options including direct purchase, lease payment or ESCo mode, where Innovatec Power goes ahead with the investment for the customer and sells the energy at a lower than purchase price.



Food industry | Paper and printing industry | Chemical and petrochemical industry | Ceramics and glass industry | Metal and steel industry

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What is
thermal recovery?

Thermal recovery is a system capable of recovering the heat leaving the industrial production cycle, which would otherwise be dispersed, thanks to the installation of heat exchangers, which transfer thermal energy through two fluids at different temperatures.

The heat obtained can be used directly, by heating a useful carrier such as air or water, or to power an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) plant where the process fluid vaporises at low temperatures, making it possible to produce electricity. Thanks to thermal recovery, the heat produced, for example by cogeneration plants, not only makes the plant itself more efficient, but can also be reused for other industrial processes, such as air conditioning, domestic water heating, preheating of fluids, etc., simultaneously optimising both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Thermal recovery guarantees significant economic savings thanks to its re-use in industrial processes and an optimisation of heating/hot water costs, as well as guaranteeing greater plant efficiency.

  • Recovery of thermal energy dispersed in the environment;
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced energy costs;
  • Possibility of accessing national incentives and Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE).