New forms of energy

Biomass boilers are systems used for the production of heat for civil (air conditioning and hot water production) and industrial (hot water, superheated water, steam, cold) uses and represent the ideal solution for those who aim for a system that combines significant energy savings compared to traditional systems and low polluting emissions.

This technology, associated or alternated with more classical combustion technologies, allows the production of “green” energy because combustion releases the same amount of CO2 absorbed by plants during growth.


Why choose
Innovatec systems?

We accompany our customers with a turnkey service in the design, supply, implementation and maintenance of biomass boilers, proposing a customised and multi-brand offer. We work with all the main manufacturers of biomass boilers and, depending on the customer’s specific energy needs, we identify the most efficient solution.

Assessing the economic viability and technical feasibility of a biomass system means taking into consideration a number of complex variables. That’s why it is essential to rely on specialised professionals, able to navigate the technical, regulatory and tariff issues. Thanks to the partnership with Exalto, R&D company in the field of energy efficiency, we also support our customers in researching, obtaining and managing Italian and European incentives and economic mechanisms such as TEE (Energy Efficiency Certificates).

The plants are built by offering three financing options including direct purchase, lease payment or ESCo mode, where Innovatec Power goes ahead with the investment for the customer and sells the energy at a lower than purchase price.

Innovatec's sales staff is available
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on the services related to biomass boilers that make up our operational offer.


What is
a Biomass Boiler?

BOILERS AND BIOMASS A biomass boiler burns plant materials, converting them into thermal energy. In general, different types of biomass can be used, which are mainly composed of residues from industrial activities (this is why they are called polycombustibles). The prerequisite for using this type of fuel is that the water content must be less than 40%.

Biomass plants are fully automated and have no dimensional limits, being able to reach powers of several thermal MW. Moreover, the automatic cleaning of the heat exchange surfaces ensures an optimal yield and uninterrupted operation. A biomass boiler is the ideal solution for industrial production processes and/or the air conditioning of buildings thanks to a system that combines high energy savings with low polluting emissions.


The implementation of a biomass boiler is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional fossil fuel heating systems.

  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • Zero greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions
  • Carbon footprint improvement
  • 100% renewable energy source
  • Possibility to take advantage of national incentives
  • Extra income from the sale of excess energy generated to the grid
  • Increase in the value of the property on which it is installed
  • Savings in the operating costs of energy carrier procurement.