Model 231

The Model describes and regulates the company’s way of acting, establishes compliance with the related laws and introduces a system of external and internal rules with which to comply. In preparing the Organisation and Control Model, Innovatec has followed the indications provided by the Guidelines prepared by Confindustria.

The Organisation, Management and Control Model 231/2001 adopted by Innovatec is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. every operation, transaction or action must be verifiable, documented, consistent and congruent;
  2. no one can manage an entire process on their own;
  3. the control activities implemented to verify the correctness and congruity of the operations must be documented.

The typology of corporate controls also provides for line controls, carried out by the individual operating units on the processes for which they have management responsibility, aimed at ensuring the correct performance of operations; monitoring activities, carried out by the managers of each process and aimed at verifying the correct performance of the underlying activities, on the basis of hierarchical controls; detection, evaluation and monitoring activities of the internal control system on processes and administrative-accounting systems that are relevant for the purposes of preparing the financial statements.