Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics represents a collection of rules of conduct that all subjects are required to comply with in carrying out their activities. The Board of Directors therefore considered it essential to clearly define the values and principles that guide the company to ensure that all activities are carried out in compliance with the reference standards.

Innovatec is the guarantor of the distribution, application and updating of the Code of Ethics, also on the basis of the evolution of the reference laws and of the civil sensitivity, and does its best to stimulate the awareness of its importance in all its collaborators.

The function of Guarantor of the Code is entrusted to the Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, endowed with autonomous powers of initiative and control, and undertakes to ensure full compliance with the contents of the Code by means of information tools and procedures and control systems. In the event of irregularities, it undertakes to adopt appropriate corrective measures.

The Code of Ethics is also used to prevent the unlawful conduct referred to in Model 231, of which it is an integral part.

Innovatec undertakes to update the contents of the code in order to meet the requirements of changes in the context, in the reference legislation, in the environment or in the company’s organisation.

Violations or suspected violations of the Code of Ethics must be promptly reported to the Supervisory Body in writing, via the following email address:

On February 3, 2022, the Innovatec Board of Directors approved the ESG policies defining guidelines for the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria into the Group’s activities. This is further evidence of the growing concrete commitment in wanting to permeate corporate strategy and operations with the principles of sustainability, to make a concrete contribution to the objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda