We provide Companies, Organisations and Public Administrations with innovative

services, guiding them towards the
optimisation and reduction
of resource consumption

in order to achieve Circular Economy objectives.

Circular Economy is a general term for an economy designed to be able to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, material flows are of two types: biological, capable of being reintegrated into the biosphere, and technical, intended to be upgraded without entering the biosphere

Elen Mc Arthur Foundation

The Circular Economy
rests on three basic principles:

Designing to
eliminate waste and

Preserving and enhancing natural capital by controlling finite resources and balancing them with renewable resource flows.

products and
materials in use

Optimising the consumption of resources through the creation and use of products, components and materials that maintain their greatest usefulness and usability over an extended period of time in technological and biological cycles.

Regenerating natural systems

Promoting and pursuing system effectiveness by understanding, predicting and excluding negative externalities.



We believe the time
is ripe for a paradigm shift

We are convinced that the model of the linear economy, i.e. one in which resources continue to be extracted and consumed in order to produce goods destined to end up in landfills at the end of their life cycle, is no longer sustainable. We believe that the time is ripe for a paradigm shift, based on the integration of the circular economy model into the production development process and the life of communities.

Our goal is to help Companies, Organisations and Public Administrations to prevent the waste of resources by focusing especially on the increasing reduction of the share of non-recoverable waste up to the Zero Waste target.

We provide Companies, Organisations and Public Administrations with innovative services, guiding them towards the optimisation and reduction of resource consumption in order to achieve Circular Economy objectives.

To do this, we have developed 2 sets of interventions and innovative technologies.

The first operates upstream of waste production, to optimise the use of materials.

The second operates downstream, to recover and enhance the waste in order to create new material.


Our Group is your ideal partner thanks to Green Up and Circularity:

Companies wishing to manage their waste safely and in full compliance with environmental standards

We make use of an extensive network of operators and plants that guarantees our presence nationwide. We periodically audit our partners to ensure they are always aligned with our service quality model.

We adopt a certified quality, environment and safety system in order to guarantee transparency and a management standard that is always customer-focused.

We demonstrate our care for the environment also in the choice of a fleet of vehicles and equipment that favours low environmental impact

We analyse and realise tailor-made projects supporting customers in finding reliable answers to their service needs in full respect of environmental compliance.

We have developed an advanced reporting system to check the exact destination of each material and what percentage of it is recovered by having an integrated management of the entire process.

Thanks to the material optimisation process, customers can increase their brand reputation as a company that cares about sustainability and the environment

Thanks to the reduction of the waste produced and to the better exploitation there is a reduction in the cost of conferring and therefore an economic saving combined with a lower environmental impact

We support companies in optimising the entire waste management process from a technical, economic and environmental perspective

We can quantify the environmental impact saved by companies based on the virtuous solutions implemented in terms of circular economy by calculating both avoided and reduced emissions.


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Optimisation of material use


Integrated Services

recovery and

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