The value of sustainability lies in the DNA of all the companies forming the Innovatec Group.

The business decisions, strategies and process management are lead with a focus on the impact on the shareholders, respecting the balance between natural resources and economical development.

Periodic financial statements regarding the impact of the activities on the environment – included in the Sustainability Balance Sheet and since 2016 in the Integrated Balance Sheet – help find solutions to safeguard the territories where the plants are located, besides informing our public of our commitment. The belief is that only the decisions that take into consideration social and environmental issues can be economically winning.

Innovatec wants to be a partner of sustainability from A to Z. The consulting approach to our customers is lead by the green thread of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): the starting point is analysing how the company works, so to understand its supply chain and the consequent environmental impact for CO2 emission, the social impact due to the echo on employees, customers and competitors in terms of image, and the economical impact caused by the costs/savings linked to every energy efficiency intervention.

In full respect of the norms and of the Ethical Code, Innovatec and its subsidiaries have direct relationships with the bodies responsible for permit and licence issuance, under the principles of transparency, correctness and cooperation.

The projects

The dialogue with the territory is kept alive thanks to the involvement of the company in many local initiatives and through the realization of social and environmental education programmes dedicated to the stakeholders.

For each single project the company wants to be a guide in the field of energy and social responsibility, spreading knowledge and best practice inspired by CSR.  Cultural, educational and social initiatives have a central role in choosing on which project to invest on the territory: often it is a sponsorship or some activity requiring a higher involvement in terms of time, organization and internal resources for Innovatec.

School Project Mr Six

The project, dedicated to the students of some primary schools in the area of Turin, took place during the academic year 2014-2015. The theatre show – based on the story of Mr Six, the mascot of a remote heating power plant belonging to the Innovatec Group – and the classroom lessons involved the children in learning themes linked to renewable energies and the respect for the environment.

Field Project – Master at Università Cattolica di Milano

The initiative sees Innovatec as a partner of the Science in Management Master at Università Cattolica, in order to integrate the newly graduated students in the company through ad-hoc field projects.

Project Company Management – Master Degree at Università Cattolica

The master degree course Company Management chose Innovatec as purpose of the study. The students have been analysing Innovatec on its kind of business, its needs, its opportunities, and so on and so forth in order to develop some business development plans. The group delivering the best idea was awarded by the CEO, Pietro Colucci: the odds at stake were the credits for the final exam, together with an interview to evaluate a future internship.


The spirit of each chosen final dissertation [in Italian, tesi, from which the worldplay In_tesi, also meaning agreed and understood] is to pool knowledge on the internal know-how, trying to generate value and sensitize. All the dissertation projects that Innovatec supports are opportunities to take part in innovation. An example of this are the dissertation projects titled ‘The Green Supply Management’ (Università degli studi Partenope, Naples), ’Measuring the income-pollution relation in Southeast Asia. Does the Environmental Kuznets Curve predict sustainable development?’ (King’s College London).

Youth Project: the energy of Sostenya

The Sostenya Group – including Innovatec – aims at investing in youth. Thanks to the creative contribution of the young, Sostenya improves its processes of management and communication of innovation, undergoing a deep cultural and ethical change.

This ebook collects the stories of some of the young employees of Sostenya, part of its Community of Practice that regularly meets to talk about new tendencies and share new opportunities.

Assolombardia Project

The association – gathering the experience of more than 6000 companies on the Lombard territory – is a great opportunity for Innovatec to get to know the needs of the companies on the territory and build its offer on the specific requests of its associates. Innovatec takes part in the association to share its knowledge and offer specialized services and energy consultation for the development of the companies.

Local sponsorships

Innovatec – also through its subsidiary Volteo Energie – chooses the initiative to support with a sponsorship, giving priority to the activities linked to the territory and aiming at promoting innovative ideas and connecting with the citizens.