Innovatec Power is among the first Italian companies in planning and building big plants of electric energy and heat production from renewable sources, in defining and managing intervention of cost cutting and energy rationalization, and in selling Green and White Certificates. It also manages a network of remote heating in the area of Turin.

Innovatec Power acting as general contractor and coordinating the activities of big energy production plants from renewable sources, in association with third-part companies.


Cirò Eolic park (Crotone)

area of intervention: installation of 15 aerogenerators, in full respect of the landscape

results: the forecasted yearly production is 56.870 mWh, with energy transfer via power line. Reduction of carbon gas and protection of the environment.

Aprilia Photovoltaic Park (Latina)

area of intervention: 10 MW photovoltaic park within a 12 hectare area

results: avoided emission of 7.500 CO2 ton/year into the atmosphere and avoided petrol/fossil derivative combustion of 2.400 ton/year . Aprilia photovoltaic plant is one of the biggest ever realized in Italy in terms of installed power (3MW power, yearly production at operating speed 13.500 mWh).