The path towards sustainability requires an in-depth study of how the customer company works, by focusing on the impact of its value chain on a social, environmental and economical level.

Each field of activity relative to a farm, a manufacturing company or a service producer is analysed for its impact: environmental as per CO2 emissions, social as for the echo on employees, customers and competitors in terms of public image, and economic as per the costs/savings linked to each intervention of energy efficiency or waste disposal.

Through the complete analysis of the energy asset performance, the technical structures and the R&D area, Innovatec is able to project, develop and manage multi-technological and multi-brand solutions.

The path leading to energy efficiency embraces different moments and various components of the energy system of the company, touching:

Energy professional advising

Consultancy on electrical energy and gas purchasing

Energy Management

Management of energy consumption

Engineering solution e services

Implementation of innovative technologies

According to the different needs, Innovatec can offer the right mix of technologies and methods to drastically reduce the expenses in electricity and gas and to transform consumption in an eco-sustainable way, supporting the customer while accessing the

incentive measures (tee, Por Fers 2014-2020) and obtaining the environmental certification (ISO 50001, ISO 14064, Ecolabel, Emas, LEED…).


Business district of Kinexia Spa (Milan)

area of intervention: reduction of the heating costs and rationalization of the lighting system

results: the registered saving after the intervention on the district was 23,8%. Changing the previous lighting with LED carried along a 56% saving.

Moulding factory

area of intervention: energy audit and efficiency interventions

results: the average saving after the interventions was 22,6%. A 80% saving was reached after installing motion sensors.



Innovatec offers solutions developed for companies owning more that one building/ production site, creating an exclusive infoenergetic network for the customer. From such network it is possible to:


Facilitate the specific control of consumption via a web-based software gathering all the information related to the single buildings and make it accessible from different devices (pc, tablet, smartphone) for both the customer and the dedicated Innovatec energy manager


Analyse the information to identify the areas where an energy efficiency intervention is recommended


Monitor the reduction of costs, CO2 emissions and polluting gases in order to evaluate energy savings hence to obtain the relative energy efficiency certifications


Share the green energy behaviours of the company with its stakeholders and promote virtuous behaviours inside ad outside the company.